Visionarity is among the Top 10 “Patient Engagement Solution Providers in Europe 2019”.

The renowned magazine for health and technology “Healthcare Tech Outlook” awards Visionarity AG as one of the ten best European companies in the field of “Patient Engagement Solution Providers”.
“The Visionarity platform is a truly new solution in every respect,” writes the magazine in its article on Visionarity in the upcoming issue. At a time when the cost of health-related absences is rising enormously, “…the Zurich-based company Visionarity is setting a new paradigm in health management for businesses and insurance companies with its digital programmes for workplace health management, which cover 80 percent of the root causes of chronic diseases… What is most striking about the Visionarity platform is that it is designed to counteract the emotional barriers that prevent health-related behavioural changes. The cornerstones – games, user DNA and loyalty programmes – motivate Visionarity programme participants to adopt healthier lifestyles while avoiding reservations and mental blockages”.
Visionarity AG is a Swiss company headquartered in Basel with offices in Zurich and Madrid. It is one of the leading European eHealth providers. Visionarity operates digital platforms and solutions for companies and insurance companies. The focus is on corporate health management, solutions for digital customer dialogue and comprehensive bonus and loyalty programmes. In 2018 Visionarity acquired the Healthi health portal from Swisscom Health AG. Visionarity’s solutions help to improve people’s health and reduce risks such as obesity, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, depression and burnout. As a result, medically induced absenteeism and illness costs are demonstrably reduced. Institutions that use Visionarity programmes for their employees usually amortise the investment within 12 months (return on investment).

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The March issue of Healthcare Tech Outlook.