The more exercise, the cheaper – will the insurers pedometer premium model come soon?

Whoever counts the steps should pay less premiums reports 20 Minuten on 10 October 2018, 16:16: “CVP National Councillor Ruth Humbel demands that policyholders who document their activities be rewarded. Experts warn of risks…”

Watson reports on 10 October 2018, 06:41 as follows: “Almost everyone knows them: The pedometer app on the smartphone. If you take enough steps a day, you’ll supposedly improve your health in the long term. CVP National Councillor Ruth Humbel wants to go one step further and have a premium model developed on the basis of this technology …”.

BBC and Tageanzeiger recently reported as follows: One of the largest life insurers in North America will no longer offer contracts that do not include digital fitness tracking. John Hancock will now only sell “interactive” policies that collect health data via portable devices such as a Smartwatch or fitness tracker.

“This is very exciting and we at Visionarity naturally like it – the digitalisation of customer relationships is now finally making its way into the healthcare sector and in Switzerland it is even a political issue. Very, very good. New technologies offer various opportunities to strengthen and shape customer relationships, and ultimately to reduce premiums. Visionarity is heavily involved in the application of fitness trackers, loyalty and incentive programs and gamification platforms to provide our customers in the insurance industry with the best opportunities to use digital technologies,” says Kolja A. Rafferty, CEO of Visionarity.

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