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«We provide digital solutions for insurers to digitize customer interaction, deploy comprehensive reward & loyalty programs and leverage on prevention.»

Visionarity provides platforms to digitize customer dialog in the insurance industry and deploy Corporate Health Management. High quality content on health-related topics is made available to users. Healthy behaviour is measured, evaluated and rewarded.

Visionarity`s solutions combine value-added services from various industries with the activities of participants in Corporate Health Management programs. It thus includes the functionality for comprehensive loyalty programs such as for example for an eHealth Bonus Card. You can download Visionarity`s solutions for insurers here.


Demographic change

Obesity & Diabetes Type II

Stress & Burnout

Low degree of customer engagement

Rising health care costs per customer

Risk and opportunities of disruptive innovations


Loyalty programs

Leveraging touchpoints and customer communication

Individual experiences for participants (User DNA)

Gamification, playful incentives

Specifically developed content

Data management & Privacy


Reduce costs

Strengthen customer relationships

Optimize customer contribution

Create sustainable prevention

Use disruptive innovation

Foster efficient risk management