Great Place to Work Awards 2019. The nominations go on – The Winner is…

On April 4, 2019 the party of the year rose. GPTW again honoured the Best Employers in Switzerland 2019 in the Kaufleuten.

We hope that participants enjoyed the evening and that it will remain in good memory – but the nomination goes even further: “table soccer”, “table football” or as we Swiss call it “Töggelikasten”!

The real pro at the Töggeli box in the Visionarity T-shirt is Fabio Di Santo. He is 35 years old, reigning champion of the Swiss Töggel team and world champion with the Swiss national team. Dina Mettler is the female counterpart to Fabio Di Santo, she is the reigning Swiss champion in women’s singles.

So you played against the dream team and even scored goals! The pilot project belongs to you!

The Visionarity Table Soccer Winner is Mars (3 goals) and wins a pilot project with Visionarity for six months!

Furthermore, the following companies have scored goals and won a pilot project with Visionarity for three months!

  • Aldi-Suisse (2 Scores)
  • Small Luxury Hotel Ambassador Zürich (2 Scores)
  • Ecologic (2 Scores)
  • Redhat (2 Scores)
  • Holle (1 Score)
  • SC Johnson (1 Score)

We from Visionarity enjoyed the evening as well and are happy to deliver Töggelikästen now – just call us!
Yes, it was “just such an idea” to take the kicker with us and then we, as a start-up and company with an exclusively digital business model, were able to experience how much fun the box has! Well, we are clearly the specialists in the field of digital employee motivation and engagement programs. We look forward to staying in touch with you. Thanks to all players. Thank you GPTW.