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«Our digital solutions for Corporate Health Management reduce absenteeism, foster team building and help to manage medical caused costs in your company.»

Visionarity provides a digital platform for Corporate Health Management with mobile applications and content specifically for corporate organizations. With playful incentives, employees are motivated, promoting health and fitness within the company.

Progress can be measured and successes are rewarded. Return on Investment (ROI) is achieved typically within 12 months for companies using solutions of Visionarity. You can download Visionarity`s solutions for corporates here.


Demographic change

Obesity & Diabetes Type II

Stress & Burnout

Increased sick absence

Loss in productivity

High illnessrelated costs


Gamification, playful incentives

Specifically developed content

Individual experiences for participants (User DNA)

Company specific micro-learning application included

Data management & Privacy

Employee retention programs


Vitalized & energized employees

Better team building

Employee / talent retention

Reduced costs from illness

Increased productivity

Fast return on investment (ROI)

First-in-class employer