Impressions & Review: 2nd Visionarity Business Event, November 15th 2018

Alone you go faster, together we go further…
But… Where to start? Which way to go? What is finally a successful Corporate Health Management (CHM)?

Everyone agrees on this. A good management of your employees’ health and well-being has a significant impact on your company’s productivity and competitiveness. Absenteeism and presenteeism rates are reduced, you retain your best employees and attract your future ones… But the road to achieve such results is very long and chaotic!

How and where to start? How to get support from top management? How to surround yourself with the right partners & services? How to maintain your strategy in a volatile environment?

We all had the opportunity to benefit from the experience of Visionarity’s renowned clients and partners, who gave you some keys to implementing and improving health and wellness management in your business.

In a relaxed and friendly atmosphere – we exchanged our daily stress for some fresh new ideas!

Agenda, Thursday, November 15th  2018:

Introduction from moderator (ENG)
Ludovic Pureur
Introduction to Mindfulness (GER)
NOW Meditation
Swisscom Presentation – How to get a succesfull CHM (GER)
Martina Novo
Garmin Presentation – How to create a succesful partners management? (GER)
Benedikt Kunz
Swiss Health Promotion presentation – CHM in Switzerland – Key figures & trend (GER)
Mireille Felix
Summary from moderator, Closing & Open Networking (GER – ENG – FR)

Some tools to put in your backpack!

  • Create a health competence center with different types of employees
  • Get the full support of your top management. C-level is required
  • Leverage your existing services and partners
  • Make it coherent
  • Use data to understand your audience and adapt your strategy
  • Define ambassadors to spread the words
  • Measure results & demonstrate ROI
  • Communicate, communicate and… communicate!


Reference Cases:

Presenting Partner: