Corporate Health
Encourage your employees to adopt a healthier lifestyle!

Our corporate wellbeing program addresses companies’ concerns about absenteeism, productivity, talent acquisition and retention.

We have developed challenges for employees to encourage them to walk more throughout the day, increasing their physical activity and fostering healthier habits.

We use gamification to change people’s behaviour and make it fun, even for people with little interest in physical activity.

Health Insurance
Fostering the digital transition of the healthcare system!

Visionarity Health program addresses the main challenges facing the insurance industry today. Encouraging prevention and patient adherence to medical guidelines, results in reduced costs and greater customer centricity.

  • Prevention – The Visionarity platform provides intelligent incentive systems to foster desirable behaviour in a fun way.
  • B2B customer acquisition – The Visionarity platform helps to create differential criteria and increase profitability for B2B insurance products.
  • B2C customer acquisition – Leverage on digitisation to develop solid customer relationships.
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