We engage people
Smart use of technology: Gamification
Visionarity uses gamification technologies as a fun way to encourage individuals with little interest in physical activities to adopt healthier habits.

The use of game mechanics as a central element in the platform inspires behavioural change and ensures the adoption of long-lasting habits.

Gamification can be used to help align employee motivation and behaviour with organisational initiatives promoting:

  • Higher employee engagement
  • Stronger team spirit and communication
  • Greater employee commitment to corporate values and culture
  • Reduced stress leading to lower sickness and absenteeism rates.
  • Retention of talented workers
Health Score
Based on on-site checks, Visionarity creates a participant’s fitness score that defines their Biological & Agility age.

How employees are feeling can affect their learning, decision making, their relationships with others, and ultimately their personal well­being. Visionarity Health Score also addresses resilience, mindfulness, and stress management.

Awareness of emotions and how to deal with them, enables employees to get the most out of their time at work!

Cardiac Rhythm
Body Mass Index
Movement Capacity
Smoking Habits
Events and on-site programs
Visionarity provides dedicated services for answering the main topics requested by employees for Health Program initiatives.
Our methods:
  • 15 minute screenings: Produce direct evaluation and recommendations for action.
  • Concepts: Develop approaches to permanently reduce absenteeism and the cost of presenteeism (e.g. through physical activities, cooperation and healthy leadership).
  • Action days: Promote health within the company through fun activities.
  • Knowledge: Lectures, workshops or training courses to provide information, knowledge and awareness of employees and managers in all health matters.
BI (Business Intelligence)
Analysing data to help corporate executives and business managers make more informed decisions.

Visionarity merges all information coming from the platform. It analyses the data and presents the information in a clear format to help corporate executives and business managers make more insightful decisions on their employees’ behaviour and allows them to actively manage dedicated actions and obtain a quick ROI.

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