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Engaged to a
healthier society

Visionarity`s digital solutions for corporates and insurances are part of a modern health- and human resources management. Participants in our Corporate Health Management Programs are motivated to a healthier lifestyle. Various stakeholders of the healthcare system are connected to foster synergies and mutual benefits.

Our USP`s at one glance:

different game engines, success for everyone

Individual user experience (User DNA)

Bonus- and loyalty programs for health management and prevention

Playful motivation of employees – reduce absenteeism and health related costs:

Motivate and mobilize employees to a healthier lifestyle. Increase productivity and reduce absenteeism as well as medical related costs by using Visionarity`s solutions for corporates.

Digital loyalty programs – sustainable prevention:

Create a vivid customer dialogue based on our digital loyalty programs. Increase customer contribution and reduce costs through sustainable prevention. Strengthen your customer relationships by using Visionarity`s solutions for insurers.

At a glance – who we are, what we do

Visionarity AG is a leading European eHealth provider. We digitize corporate health management, customer dialogue and loyalty programs in the healthcare industry. More about our company and our expertise at About Visionarity.

Customers and partners of Visionarity:                

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