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Customers and partners

Renown companies trust our solutions:

Selected partners:

“The Visionarity solution gives us the opportunity to coordinate all our offers and insights from one single point and the generic content can easily be enriched with our own corporate health offers & services.
Thanks to the unique user DNA, participant receives personalized content and have an individual experience.”

Martina Novo
Head of Corporate Health

“In addition to the regular Weight Watchers app, our participants have the opportunity to improve their own fitness level in a playful competition thanks to Visionarity app.”

Nicolette Hehn
Managing Director
Weight Watchers Germany

“The BENEVITA health platform motivates the participants to a health-oriented lifestyle. They receive personal health tips, can compete in challenges and win attractive prizes. You have the opportunity to influence the premiums of individual insurance policies through active and healthy behaviour.”

Walter Lutz
Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung Swica

“Visionarity-Healthi is the playful health competence platform for everyone. For companies focusing on corporate health management. For employees as an entry level health and challenge platform. And for customers and patients as a low-threshold digital contact point for prevention, health and lifestyle.”

Stefan Wild
CEO Toppharm Switzerland