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Our company

Vision and mission

Visionarity AG is a leading European e-health provider headquartered in Zurich, with offices in Zurich, Basel and Madrid. Visionarity provides digital platforms and solutions for companies and insurers. The focus is on corporate health management, the digitization of customer interaction and the deployment of comprehensive loyalty programs for the healthcare sector. Visionarity acquired the health portal Healthi from Swisscom Health AG in 2018.

Visionarity solutions help to enhance people’s health and well being as well as reduce risks like obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes type 2, depression or burnout. As a result, medically-related absences and illness costs are reduced. Return on Investment (ROI) is achieved typically within 12 month by using solutions and programs from Visionarity.

Visionarity’s digital solutions for corporates and insurances are part of modern health- and human resources managements.

We empower companies to foster the health and well-being of their employees. We motivate and mobilize people for a healthier lifestyle.

We provide digital solutions for insurers to digitize customer interaction, deploy comprehensive loyalty programs and empower them to engage customers within their ECO-system.

We connect various stakeholders of the healthcare system to foster synergies for mutual benefits.

We combine value-added services from partners in various industries with the activities of participants in Corporate Health Management programs. Thus, our solution includes the functionality for attractive loyalty & reward programs.

Three USP’s you’ll only get with Visionarity

Gamification, different game engines, success for everyone

Through gamification, participants are motivated to a healthier lifestyle.

Challenges for teams and individuals

Different game environments

Targeted activation of individuals with a low level of motivation

Virtual rewards and benefits

Success is measured with customer specific KPIs

Individual user experience
(User DNA)

Addressing personal needs and interests of participants.

Increasing participants engagement with regard to their social, personal and local needs (interest, socio-demographics, geography)

Targeted delivery of content according to defined filters (customer and user specific)

Inclusion of third party offers, on- and offline experiences

Integration of customer and user-specific content for company specific topics, e.g. compliance or product offerings (micro learning)

Inclusion of peer-groups through social media integration

Bonus- and loyalty programs for health management and prevention

Customer specific loyalty programs based on health and well-being.

Participants’ behavior is measured and evaluated

Health-compliant activities are rewarded

Wide range of benefits, from virtual points to monetary rewards

Unique eco-system combinable with systems of different customers and partners

eHealth Bonus Card (White-Label)

Your advantages using Visionarity’s solutions and programs