About us

Visionarity was founded in 2012. The firm provides web and mobile platforms to boost healthier lifestyles. We address the areas of Corporate Well Being, Population Health and Patient Adherence.

We promote employee engagement with intelligent incentive systems and gamification technologies. With Visionarity it is fun, to start, changing habits and engage in a healthier lifestyle.

For organisations, we help to reduce health related cost burdens by addressing absenteeism, presenteeism, and stress- and burnout scenarios.

We are based in Basel, Switzerland and Madrid, Spain.

Why Visionarity?

A big change is needed!

Demographic shift, increasing obesity and continuously increasing stress levels in the working environment are only three of the drivers, leading to an unhealthy population.

As a result, corporations carry cost burdens from absenteeism; presenteeism and burnout scenarios; the health care system is facing rapidly increasing costs.

The Visionarity platform is helping to change the behaviour of participants and leading to a healthier lifestyle in a fun way. For corporations this helps to decrease absenteeism and increase productivity; for the health care system, prevention is deployed as a reliable, measureable and controllable lever, to decrease the impact of chronicle diseases on the population. Finally, for the participants, Visionarity offers a fun way, to lead a healthier and more enjoyable life.

Participants take little steps, leading to a big change!

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